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 What is live edge wood furniture?

You might wonder what live edge wood is, let us break it down for you.

Live edge wood furniture refers to the inclusion of the unique natural edge of a tree in the lumber being used for a product.  Typically this is the sapwood with the bark removed. In standard lumber this edge is milled off, live edge wood, however, maintains the natural form of the the tree.

Live edge wood furniture is meant to display the natural edge of wood without the manufactured edge that you would find in most furniture or box stores. More often than not most of the furniture you find in stores today are MDF, plywood, or even plastic made to look like wood.

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The biggest thing that sets us apart from other stores is that our products are 100% natural wood. We buy our wood locally and in slab form, dry, cut, and plane the wood and then create beautiful pieces for your home. Plus no two products we create are the same. As each piece of wood has unique characteristics so do our products, even down to our smallest coaster set. Each coaster while made from the same piece of wood is entirely unique.

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We keep our designs as unique as our customers, no one will have an exact duplicate product you have purchased from us. Even our colorants for the epoxy rivers vary from piece to piece. The color itself or the way the epoxy has been swirled varies from piece to piece.