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Why buy live edge furniture?

Live edge river table

During Covid a lot of us sat in our house staring at our furniture just wishing we could freshen it up. Live Edge Slabs are the perfect way to liven up your home!

From the kitchen to the living room to the dining room, Live edge wood tables and river tables add a unique touch of character to your home. These rustic,  slabs add a unique, element that other furniture just can’t match.  The beauty of live edge furniture is the uniqueness each slab of wood has, no two slabs are the same, so there are no cookie cutter tables, each piece has its own quirks. You can find a slab with smooth grain or a slab with  lots of texture and cracks and knots waiting to be filled with epoxy. The possibilities are endless.

We create and design custom live edge furniture for your home. All of Nightshade Nook’s live edge wood cutting boards, table tops, and furniture are made from hand-selected wood slabs. The live edge wood slabs are chosen for the slab’s size, unique grain, and patterns. The wood is then dried to remove any excess moisture to prevent any future cracking or warping.

The best part of live edge wood furniture is it requires very little maintenance to remain water and stain proof. Dust with microfiber towels. Use natural cleaning products for a natural wood piece. Polish live edge wood with a conditioning cream.

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