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Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating

Christmas Decorating Ideas

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas time already- Where does the time go?  It is time to start thinking about what to do to make our homes look festive and cheery.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the cheery, festive spirit that floats around your home.  Everyone seems to be in joyful spirits when visiting. 

I like to start my decorating with the living room. Adding in a festive cushion here or there is an easy and instant way to bring Christmas cheer to your home. Christmas and winter means the home needs to be a cozy and warm place to relax. Meaning, the coziest room in your house should also be shown some Christmas spirit.

Cozy Christmas



The bedroom is often an afterthought when it comes to decorating, but adding a touch here and there can help to brighten the whole house. An easy way to do this is to get some festive bedding or throw pillows to your bed. You could also replace some of your ordinary picture with some winter scenes. Or add a few holiday-scented candles to give off some subtle lighting and fill the air with the scent of the holidays. 

Understandably, one of the most favored Christmas decorations is the wreath.  The color of our Holiday Wreaths often brings a smile to my face. Whether it’s a more traditional wreath full of evergreen branches or a deco mesh wreath filled with Whimsy. 

Ice Skate Wreath 

Wreaths are usually placed on the front door of a home and are an excellent way to display your festivity as well as looking stylish. Since the front door is the first thing that friends, family or even carolers will encounter. But wreaths are an excellent way to enhance your indoor areas as well. You can hang them on your windows, in front of mirrors, and use them as centerpieces. The possibilities are endless.  I always hang on in our kitchen above our kitchen sink, it is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen and it makes it cozier. 

Wood stocking Hanger


The next simple Holiday decoration are the stockings. Get ready for Santa’s imminent arrival by hanging traditional stockings above the fire! If you are like us and do not have a fireplace or mantle, the next best thing is using on of our stocking hangers. These are a great wall decoration and you can place them high enough so tiny hands and/or paws can’t reach them. 


Whether you buy or DIY, Christmas stockings are sure to make you smile. The best thing about stockings is that they’re a timeless decoration so you can use them year after year.

Traditional Christmas décor is timeless and will always be popular! So it is always on trend! 

I love seeing traditional colors mixed with  lots of winter white décor with a few pops of red and green for Christmas! Frosted décor and flocked greens are all part of this natural Holiday look. More focus on celebrating winter than just Christmas,. With these types of décor, you can leave your house decorated without the guilt of not having put all your decorations away. That is exactly what I love about our Winter Décor Sleds.   

They are the perfect addition to your holiday décor, you can place them on the porch, hang them on a wall or just let them lean against your wall or fireplace. They give that extra touch to your home.

Gnome sled


Decorating a house for Christmas might seem like a chore rather than something fun.  With the right decorations and a bit of festive cheer, it can be easy to fill a house with Holiday vibes without spending an enormous amount of time and effort in the process!

Happy Decorating!

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