Tropical Bliss Orchid & Rose Wreath


Introducing the “Tropical Bliss Orchid & Rose Wreath” from – your summer decor essential. This 22-inch wreath combines the exotic beauty of orchids and the classic elegance of cream roses, set against palm fronds for a lush, tropical feel. Crafted on a cream rattan form with a sturdy wire base, it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether adorning your front door or adding a touch of summer to your interior, this wreath brings the vibrant energy of the tropics to any space. Perfect for those looking to infuse their home with the warmth and brightness of summer, it’s a unique piece that promises to elevate your seasonal decor.

Welcome to the summer sensation at – the “Tropical Bliss Orchid & Rose Wreath,” where the vibrant vibes of summer bloom in full swing on your door! This isn’t just a wreath; it’s a ticket to a sun-kissed paradise, right in the comfort of your home.

Dive Into Summer Elegance:

  • Lush Orchid & Cream Rose Symphony: Handpicked for their beauty and longevity, the stunning orchids and cream roses are the stars of this show. They mingle seamlessly with palm fronds, creating a lush, tropical aesthetic.
  • Cream Rattan Charm: The wreath is artfully arranged on a cream rattan form, giving it a light, airy feel that’s perfect for summer. The natural texture adds a touch of rustic elegance.
  • Sturdy Wire Base: At its core, a wire base ensures durability and ease of hanging, making it a breeze to bring a bit of summer into your home or outdoor space.
  • Versatile Summer Decor: Ideal for indoor or sheltered outdoor use, this wreath is perfect for greeting guests at your front door, sprucing up your living space, or adding a tropical touch to summer gatherings.

Why It’s a Must-Have:

  • Seasonal Refresh: Instantly update your decor with the vibrant, refreshing energy of summer.
  • Unique Design: Stand out from the typical floral arrangements with a wreath that’s as unique as your style.
  • Perfect Gift: Surprise a loved one with a splash of summer joy that lasts all season long.

Detailed Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 22 inches
  • Depth: Approximately 5 inches
  • Base: Cream rattan form with a wire base for stability

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