Stocking Hanger- And the stocking were hung


Live edge oak wood Christmas stocking holder!

“And the stockings were hung”

This beautiful wood slab has been sealed and hand stenciled to create the ideal wood stocking hanger.

There are 4 black hooks along the base of the front to accommodate Christmas stockings. There are two sawtooth hangers on the back for easy wall mounting. This stocking holder was designed to keep prying eyes and prying paws out of the Christmas stockings.

This beautiful Holiday stocking hanger is approximately 24 inches long, 9 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.


‘And the stockings were hung’ Live edge stocking hanger hand stenciled adorned with a red Christmas scarf with poms that jingle. Stocking holder can accommodate up to 4 stockings and is a wall mount. Perfect for homes without mantels and that have sneaky pets. Stocking hanger- Measure 24inches long by 9 inches wide


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