Silver Skeleton Wreath


Beautiful silver painted grapevine wreath adorned in an array of blue and teal florals and greenery, surrounded by skulls and Skeletons, not to mention the gorgeous tassel key to someone’s lucky 13 room. The black and silver spiderweb tulle gives this eerie wreath just the right touch of spookiness.
I love the look and feel of this unique wreath it has the perfect touch of color, mystery and spookiness to it. This wreath is perfect for anyone who prefers their Halloween or home decor to stand out from the rest.

This spooky skeleton wreath has the perfect vibe making it an ideal addition to your  spooky Halloween wreath collection

18inch round silver grapevine

Artificial flowers & Greenery

Add some eerie elegance to your home decor with our beautiful Silver Painted Grapevine Wreath. This stunning wreath features a hand-painted silver grapevine base that is adorned with a beautiful array of blue and teal florals and greenery, all expertly arranged to create a unique and enchanting decoration.

Surrounded by skulls and skeletons, this wreath is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor. The blue and teal florals and greenery provide a calming and peaceful contrast to the spooky elements, making it a perfect decoration for anyone who loves a touch of whimsy and mystery in their home.

To add to the charm, this wreath comes with a gorgeous tassel key that will be a lucky addition to someone’s “lucky 13” room. The wreath is 18 inches round, making it the perfect size for hanging on your front door or any wall that needs a touch of spooky elegance.

Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this wreath is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. It is sure to be a conversation starter at any Halloween gathering and will impress all your guests with its unique and enchanting design.

Don’t settle for a boring and generic Halloween decoration this year. Our Silver Painted Grapevine Wreath with blue and teal florals, skulls, skeletons, and a lucky tassel key is the perfect way to add some eerie elegance to your home decor. Order yours today and get ready to impress your guests with your one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration.


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