Pumpkin Season Truck


**Highlight List:**


– **Dimension:** 19” diameter, approximately 1/2″ thickness


– **Material:** Birch wood stained in weathered mahogany


– **Design:** CNC-carved farm truck and pumpkin scene with “Pumpkin Season” caption


– **Finish:** Accented with colored epoxy resin and finished with oil-based polyurethane for a vintage look


– **Hanging Mechanism:** Equipped with a keyhole hanger and rustic twine hanger through two eye hooks


– **Unique Feature:** Authentic CNC-carved details, not vinyl or stenciled


– **Durability:** Finished with polyurethane for longevity and a vintage feel

The perfect touch of fall.

Pumpkin Season



Celebrate the harvest with our 19″ rustic farm truck door hanger, depicting a charming pumpkin season scene, meticulously crafted from birch wood with weathered mahogany stain and colored epoxy resin fills the carved sections to enhance and smooth out the details.



Welcome the enchanting aura of autumn into your home with our Rustic Pumpkin Season Truck Door Hanger. Crafted from birch wood, this 19-inch piece radiates vintage charm, featuring a farm truck leaving a pumpkin field, captioned with the heartwarming words “Pumpkin Season”. Each detail is a tribute to craftsmanship, carved meticulously with CNC technology – a testament to the authenticity and quality of the piece, standing proudly apart from vinyl or stenciled alternatives.


The door hanger is stained in a rich, weathered mahogany, filled with accenting colors of epoxy resin that bring the charming scene to life. Finished with an oil-based polyurethane, it exudes a vintage look and feel that is sure to make it a beloved autumnal staple in your home.


**Detailed Dimension :**

Measuring 19 inches in diameter and approximately 1/2 inch in thickness, this substantial door hanger brings a rustic charm to any door. The keyhole hanger on the back and the rustic twine through eyelets on the top ensure versatile and secure hanging options, making it a convenient and enchanting addition to your autumn decor.



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Embrace autumn with our 19″ rustic pumpkin truck birch wood door hanger, featuring detailed CNC carvings and a vintage weathered mahogany finish.


This beautiful door hanger is made from birch wood it is 19 inches in diameter and approximately 1/2 inch thick. there is a keyhole hanger on the back for easy hanging as well as eyelets on the top.


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