Pink Blossom Serenity Wreath


Introducing the “Pink Blossom Serenity Wreath” from – a handcrafted masterpiece that encapsulates the tranquil beauty of a blooming garden. This 18-inch wreath is adorned with lush deep pink roses, delicate pink florals, baby’s breath, and verdant greenery, all set upon a natural grapevine base. A beautifully hand-made bow of beige burlap and light blue ribbon, embellished with pink roses, adds a bespoke touch. Ideal for adding a splash of color and serenity to your home, this wreath is versatile enough for year-round display. Elevate your decor with this piece of artisanal charm, designed to bring peace and beauty into your living space.


Product Highlights:

  • 18-inch grapevine wreath with lush artificial greenery and rose-colored florals
  • Stunning blue and rose ribbon adds an elegant touch
  • Perfect addition to any home decor

Step into a world where elegance meets rustic charm with’s “Pink Blossom Serenity Wreath.” This isn’t your typical wreath; it’s a handcrafted piece of art, designed to bring a touch of serene beauty to your space. With its lush deep pink roses, delicate pink florals, and whispers of baby’s breath set against a backdrop of greenery, this wreath captures the essence of a tranquil garden at dawn.

A Closer Look at This Enchanted Creation:

  • Natural Grapevine Base: The 18-inch natural grapevine base provides a rustic and organic foundation, embracing the beauty of nature in its purest form.
  • Lush Pink Florals: Adorned with artificial deep pink roses and complementary pink florals, this wreath blooms with vibrancy and life.
  • Delicate Touches: Sprinkles of baby’s breath and lush greenery weave throughout, adding depth and texture to the wreath’s overall aesthetic.
  • Handcrafted Bow: A hand-made bow, crafted from beige burlap and a light blue ribbon adorned with pink roses, sits gracefully atop, adding a bespoke touch to the piece.

Why You’ll Fall in Love:

  • Seasonal Versatility: Perfect for spring and summer, yet timeless enough to display all year round.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Each wreath is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring a unique piece that tells its own story.
  • Statement Decor: Whether gracing your front door or becoming a focal point indoors, this wreath promises to add a touch of elegance and tranquility.

Versatile Decor Piece: The Blue & Rose Grapevine Wreath is a versatile decor piece that complements various styles and settings. Hang it on your front door to greet guests, showcase it indoors as a captivating wall accent, or use it as a centerpiece for special occasions.

Warmth and Hospitality: This wreath brings a sense of warmth and hospitality to any space. Its inviting colors and timeless design make it an ideal addition to your home, creating an ambiance that welcomes both residents and visitors.

Easy to Display: The wreath’s lightweight design and integrated hanging mechanism make it easy to display. Effortlessly enhance your decor by adding this captivating piece to your home.

Thoughtful Gift Idea: Share the beauty of the Blue & Rose Grapevine Wreath with friends and family. It makes a thoughtful gift that brings joy and elegance to any recipient’s space.


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