Autumn Night Whiskers Wall Art


Highlight :**
– **Dimensions:** 18” diameter, 1/2″ thickness
– **Material:** Acrylic paints on wood, epoxy resin coating
– **Design:** Black cat and pumpkins under a full moon
– **Finish:** Glossy, due to the table-top epoxy resin coating
– **Hanging Mechanism:** Comes with a D-ring hanger on the back
– **Unique Feature:** Depicts a serene and beautiful fall night
– **Durability:** Seal coated for enhanced longevity

The artwork gracefully spans an 18-inch diameter with a substantial thickness of about 1/2 inch, ensuring its presence is felt in any room. The affixed D-ring hanger on the back facilitates secure and straightforward hanging, allowing the serene autumn scene to shine.

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“Autumn Night Whiskers”

Elevate your space with “Autumn Night Whiskers”, a captivating acrylic artwork showcasing a black cat and pumpkins under a full moon, meticulously crafted on a glossy 18” wood round.

Introducing “Autumn Night Whiskers”, a masterpiece that encapsulates the enchanting serenity of a beautiful fall night. This handpainted acrylic wall art depicts a contemplative black cat, sitting on a wooden ledge adorned with two vibrant orange pumpkins, gazing into the luminous full moon that lights up the tranquil night sky.

Painted on an 18-inch round wood slab, about 1/2 inch thick, every stroke resonates with the crisp air and mystique associated with autumn evenings. The artwork is seal and flood coated with table-top epoxy resin, ensuring a glossy finish that enriches the color depth and protects the piece, making it a timeless addition to your home decor.




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