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What is Seasonal home decor?

Cozy Christmas

Seasonal Christmas Decor

Celebrate what makes each season special with seasonal home decor. Find seasonal decorations for spring, summer, winter, and fall holidays at our shop. Seasonal home decor is how you choose to decorate your home with the changing seasons, Our seasonal decor accents will take you from our spooky Halloween collection to cheerful Christmas decorations, from lively spring and Easter decorations to fun summer and warm fall decor.

Here at Nightshade Nook Decor, we do much more than just live edge wood furniture. We also create and design unique, wreaths for all seasons. We make grapevine and deco mesh wreaths and will design wreaths to your specifications to coordinate with your current home decor.

We also make wood door hangers and wood decor signs for your home. These are great additions to your home for everyday use or seasonally and for holiday use.  We carve and design our own signs, each are unique, as we prefer to keep a wide assortment instead of multiples of one item.

We also do not use vinyl or appliques on our decor signs, most of the ones you find in other stores are vinyl decals that can peel or fade with time.

The difference between our decor signs and some others is:

  • We carve out the details on the wood with a CNC router.
  • We create our own unique designs with our software  so that each is just a little different.
  • For our colored decor signs we can use epoxy resin to fill the carving or paint and seal them
  • We also add a protect layer of lacquer to protect them.

It is time to start thinking differently about your home and your decor choices. Decor is what you buy, Style is what you do with it. What would you like to change about your decor to enhance your style?

Contact us today and lets start designing your new live edge wood decor for your home.

Want to know more about us- check out our About page.

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