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Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating

Christmas Decorating Ideas

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas time already- Where does the time go?  It is time to start thinking about what to do to make our homes look festive and cheery.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the cheery, festive spirit that floats around your home.  Everyone seems to be in joyful spirits when visiting. 

I like to start my decorating with the living room. Adding in a festive cushion here or there is an easy and instant way to bring Christmas cheer to your home. Christmas and winter means the home needs to be a cozy and warm place to relax. Meaning, the coziest room in your house should also be shown some Christmas spirit.

Cozy Christmas



The bedroom is often an afterthought when it comes to decorating, but adding a touch here and there can help to brighten the whole house. An easy way to do this is to get some festive bedding or throw pillows to your bed. You could also replace some of your ordinary picture with some winter scenes. Or add a few holiday-scented candles to give off some subtle lighting and fill the air with the scent of the holidays. 

Understandably, one of the most favored Christmas decorations is the wreath.  The color of our Holiday Wreaths often brings a smile to my face. Whether it’s a more traditional wreath full of evergreen branches or a deco mesh wreath filled with Whimsy. 

Ice Skate Wreath 

Wreaths are usually placed on the front door of a home and are an excellent way to display your festivity as well as looking stylish. Since the front door is the first thing that friends, family or even carolers will encounter. But wreaths are an excellent way to enhance your indoor areas as well. You can hang them on your windows, in front of mirrors, and use them as centerpieces. The possibilities are endless.  I always hang on in our kitchen above our kitchen sink, it is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen and it makes it cozier. 

Wood stocking Hanger


The next simple Holiday decoration are the stockings. Get ready for Santa’s imminent arrival by hanging traditional stockings above the fire! If you are like us and do not have a fireplace or mantle, the next best thing is using on of our stocking hangers. These are a great wall decoration and you can place them high enough so tiny hands and/or paws can’t reach them. 


Whether you buy or DIY, Christmas stockings are sure to make you smile. The best thing about stockings is that they’re a timeless decoration so you can use them year after year.

Traditional Christmas décor is timeless and will always be popular! So it is always on trend! 

I love seeing traditional colors mixed with  lots of winter white décor with a few pops of red and green for Christmas! Frosted décor and flocked greens are all part of this natural Holiday look. More focus on celebrating winter than just Christmas,. With these types of décor, you can leave your house decorated without the guilt of not having put all your decorations away. That is exactly what I love about our Winter Décor Sleds.   

They are the perfect addition to your holiday décor, you can place them on the porch, hang them on a wall or just let them lean against your wall or fireplace. They give that extra touch to your home.

Gnome sled


Decorating a house for Christmas might seem like a chore rather than something fun.  With the right decorations and a bit of festive cheer, it can be easy to fill a house with Holiday vibes without spending an enormous amount of time and effort in the process!

Happy Decorating!

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Halloween Decorating

I can’t believe Halloween is just days away. I meant to write and post this sooner. I have been caught up in the season. If you are anything like me, you get excited at the mere mention of Halloween or Fall. I absolutely adore Fall and Halloween, it is definitely my favorite time of the year. I love sweaters, boots, spooky décor- all of it.

Which means, I love making our décor wreaths and signs. I start in early July and spend months creating designs on our router software and carving out our Halloween décor signs.  As most of you know, we don’t participate in a lot of festivals during the year, but you will catch us at  the local fall and Halloween festivals. 

There is just something about the season, that brings out the little witch in all of us. That is precisely what inspires me when making our Halloween Décor Signs. 

Halloween decor


Another favorite of mine is making the Halloween wreaths. Yes, I could make the standard, black and orange wreaths like everyone else. But I feel that Halloween is so much more than black and orange, I love to incorporate all the colors into our Halloween Décor wreaths. 

Blue Grapevine skull wreath


I love the contrast of the spooky elements of Halloween , the beautiful fall leaves and the colors and the pop of the pastels. As you know, we do not duplicate anything we make. That is one of my favorite things about our décor items, I may make something similar, but I will never make the exact same thing. I don’t think I could if I tried. lol

If you are looking for some unique decorating ideas, take a look at our décor signs and our spooky Halloween wreaths.

Happy Haunting!

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 What is live edge wood furniture?

You might wonder what live edge wood is, let us break it down for you.

Live edge wood furniture refers to the inclusion of the unique natural edge of a tree in the lumber being used for a product.  Typically this is the sapwood with the bark removed. In standard lumber this edge is milled off, live edge wood, however, maintains the natural form of the the tree.

Live edge wood furniture is meant to display the natural edge of wood without the manufactured edge that you would find in most furniture or box stores. More often than not most of the furniture you find in stores today are MDF, plywood, or even plastic made to look like wood.

Check out some of our videos where we are creating some new products.

The biggest thing that sets us apart from other stores is that our products are 100% natural wood. We buy our wood locally and in slab form, dry, cut, and plane the wood and then create beautiful pieces for your home. Plus no two products we create are the same. As each piece of wood has unique characteristics so do our products, even down to our smallest coaster set. Each coaster while made from the same piece of wood is entirely unique.

Interested in seeing what we make? Check out our gallery and our shop

We keep our designs as unique as our customers, no one will have an exact duplicate product you have purchased from us. Even our colorants for the epoxy rivers vary from piece to piece. The color itself or the way the epoxy has been swirled varies from piece to piece.

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What is the difference between live edge wood and manufactured wood?

Live Edge Wood Bar top

We actually get asked this question often.

Here is a brief breakdown of the difference between live edge wood and manufactured wood. The wood that we use is solid live edge wood. We purchase our live edge wood slabs directly from a wood mill that is local to us.  I am not necessarily going to name names, but Flower City Milling is one of our main lumber providers.

Most furniture stores or big box stores sell  manufactured wood or more commonly called MDF. MDF is basically made through the process of heating, gluing, and compressing wood chips and sawdust together to create a wood-like composite.  Most people know this, and some don’t care because MDF furniture is cheaper, more affordable. The problem with that is, it also doesn’t last long and you often end up chucking it to the curb and buying new pieces.

What they don’t tell you at the furniture store is:

  • Manufactured wood contains formaldehyde; a known carcinogen.
  • Manufactured wood cannot be recycled. Because of this, unwanted MDF gets sent to the landfill.

Okay so enough about MDF.

Lets tell you what is so great about live edge wood

Live edge wood comes directly from a tree, from nature. It is the natural form of wood. It is not processed or treated with harmful chemicals. Also, it is the only wood we use, it is important to our business and our values to only use natural live edge wood for all of our products. The live edge slab we use come right from nature, why would we change that? Why wouldn’t we want to enhance nature’s natural beauty and create something wonderful for your home?

Now the big question, is live edge wood more expensive than MDF? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, live edge wood can be more expensive to purchase initially, but after you have gone through 2 or 3 coffee tables made from mdf, live edge wood doesn’t look so expensive anymore. In the long run live edge wood will outlive mdf furniture time and time again. Live edge wood furniture can certainly have a higher price tag than mdf furniture. But at the end of a few years, you won’t be kicking our furniture to the curb because it is chipped or broken.

We hope this answers some of your questions, maybe in our next post we can talk about care of live edge wood products

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Why buy live edge furniture?

Live edge river table

During Covid a lot of us sat in our house staring at our furniture just wishing we could freshen it up. Live Edge Slabs are the perfect way to liven up your home!

From the kitchen to the living room to the dining room, Live edge wood tables and river tables add a unique touch of character to your home. These rustic,  slabs add a unique, element that other furniture just can’t match.  The beauty of live edge furniture is the uniqueness each slab of wood has, no two slabs are the same, so there are no cookie cutter tables, each piece has its own quirks. You can find a slab with smooth grain or a slab with  lots of texture and cracks and knots waiting to be filled with epoxy. The possibilities are endless.

We create and design custom live edge furniture for your home. All of Nightshade Nook’s live edge wood cutting boards, table tops, and furniture are made from hand-selected wood slabs. The live edge wood slabs are chosen for the slab’s size, unique grain, and patterns. The wood is then dried to remove any excess moisture to prevent any future cracking or warping.

The best part of live edge wood furniture is it requires very little maintenance to remain water and stain proof. Dust with microfiber towels. Use natural cleaning products for a natural wood piece. Polish live edge wood with a conditioning cream.

Contact us today to discuss new possibilities for you home.